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Mamaroneck Project #4


In this project, the goal was to bring nature into the backyard. We renovated a fire pit sitting area and replaced an old, sick cherry tree with a healthy one.

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New Rochelle Project #1

New Rochelle

We did a complete renovation of this pretty backyard. We built a new retaining wall, removed the old one, relocated the bushes, and created a garden bed full of color.

Mamaroneck Project #5


On this rooftop, the requirements were to bring privacy and color since the surroundings were very dark. We planted a colorful shrub to reach the privacy.


Regarding this garden, my client prefers a more natural style. They already have some grasses and roses. I came to organize and provide a more natural look by planting many native plants that bloom from spring to fall and attracting pollinators.

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This work was born because my client wanted a fern garden and since he has a nice shade hill, I took advantage of this and I did it! The hill also has some sunny areas, so I planted native perennials to attract pollinators and ensure color all year round.


Before the redesign, this garden had a lot of greenery, mainly due to the presence of numerous deciduous species. However, my client was troubled by the bare and messy look in the winter season. To solve this problem, I removed the unwanted plants and added evergreen for privacy.

Ossining Project


This beautiful project was done for a young couple who bought the house months before the project. The idea was a complete renovation of the backyard. The project was done in two parts since the backyard was made up of a plain area and a hill.

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Fire pit


This renovated space was designed looking for a rustic style. We built a fire pit seating, creating an area surrounded by interesting plants that provide the hospitality that will allow my clients to enjoy themselves in a colorful environment full of vegetation.


When designing a garden, knowledge of plants, soil, sun exposure, topography, and other factors are combined to create a plan or 3D design model that helps the clients understand the ideas and determine if it aligns with their vision.

Container Design

Designing containers has been something that has been happening little by little, but creating, combining, and giving life and color to a specific space has become a passion. You can see my work by clicking on the link.

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